Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Last night my girls came over for dinner and to help me start crafting things for the wedding. Our first project was to make two little fascinators for Tori & Robina; the bridesmaids. After a few glasses of wine, this was pretty much the best night I've had in a long time. I was in tears hearing about Georgie's hilarious love for cheese cranskies. Yeah.. I guess had to be there.

Anyway, we had such a great night that we decided to make it a regular thing. And so 'Crafternoon' was born! A weekly get together to make craft, probably drink wine (or tea) and have a giggle.

But back to the fascinators: Ange did an amazing job on the first one, and I had a go at replicating a similar little bundle of tule, petals, ribbon & lace - then photographing it in bad lighting after a few wines (see above). Well I think they are super cute. Thanks a bunch Ange, Tori & Georgie! Next Crafternoon project: My veil.

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Rachel Follett said...

So pretty and your evening sounds so fun!