Monday, August 31, 2009


So the moving is almost done. Phew! The husband has the job of cleaning our old rental house since he has the week off, and as I predicted he's hiring someone to "help" him. Ha!
But our new place in West End is lovely. It feels like we live in a fancy hotel. I can't wait to walk to the markets on Saturday morning, and come home for a swim in the lap pool. That's the life!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blog Award!

Concrete & Honey gave me a blog award! (My first one!) So here are my chosen 10. and, 10 things about me.

Me. 10 useless facts.
1. I have been called “sceptical”
2. But I have never been called “na├»ve”
3. I like the ocean
4. But I hate the waves
5. I eat prawn tails
6. But I never eat celery
7. I am a bad driver
8. But I’m a great big-spooner
9. I love gingerbread men
10. And I can wiggle my ears.

Them. in no particular order.
SNVS. You go girl.
Chi Designs. Pretty purses made by a pretty girl.
What Indie Nights? Great name huh.
Ish & Chi. Makes me go oooooooohhh...
The Fern & Mossery. I work with Landscape Architects and am turning a bit green.
decor8. Simply gorgeous. One of my daily faves.
my folk lover. Amazing illustrations.
forty-sixth at grace. A major blog crush of mine.
Little paper bird. Because I love paper & birds. And
Pebbles For Your Shoe. Because I just love her writing.

image - spoon collection from
simply photos flickr

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


new crush: Yuki Nakano. Can I shout you a coffee and pick your amazing brain girl?

Yan's Photos

Oooh how exciting! Daydream Lily featured my friend Yan's photos in her latest post. I can't wait to get to work tomorrow and show him!!


South Austalia. I really miss the green meadows and all of the old stone buildings. Too cute.

Twitter Festival - Story Bridge Logo

Work in progress tonight - Twestival logo incorporating the Story Bridge.

Tickets on sale now here!

Monday, August 24, 2009

and furthermore

To add to my week of loving seafoam green - the doily clock. And furthermore.

Clingstone House

Imagine; no lawn, no neighbours, no solicitors, no busy streets!
Clingstone House is a 103-year-old, 10 bedroom mansion with complete surrounding views of Rhode Island's Naragansett Bay owned by Henry Wood. As Darryl Kerrigan's would say "how's the serenity..."
More info & images at the NY Times

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Chi Design - Colour Board

I am currently in the process of designing a new logo for Chi Designs and so far I have created a colour board.

{Red. Nautical. Simple. Stylish. One-of-a-kind}

Friday, August 21, 2009

final logo

Ange came over and we finalised our new logo. It will probably make more sense once we write a little description on our new business venture.


work in progress - new little logo.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

So today is just one of those great days. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened, yet it feels extraordinary.
I thought I’d post a bit of a colour theme that caught my eye recently – sea foam green. Totally reminds me of a wicked Ibanez guitar I saw next to at an antique auction once. It’s a very retro kinda colour that I am digging at the moment.

P.S. Welcome and thanks to my new visitors. Don’t be shy, comment and say hi!

Oooo Vanilla Bug

Oohhh Vanilla Bug. Just adorable. Found at decor8 from daydream lily's guest blog.

There's just so many amazing people in this world.

Happy Friday!

new logo ideas please

I need inspiration for a new logo design - a new business venture based around the idea of an imaginative town (which has a Mishy Lane ;o)

Found at Most Beatiful Darling
2 pound dolls house at deco8

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Simple - Supermarket Sarah

The clever little Supermarket Sarah has set up a little shop of weird and wonderful things in west London. But if you don't live close by, fear not as she’s made a really great little site quite simply it’s the shop window.

Letters from Lenka & Michael

In April 2009 artists Lenka Clayton & Michael Crowe sent personal letters to all 467 households of Cushendall, UK. It created quite a buzz and I think it's super cute.

Could you send me one?

The Mo... incognito

Back in the day... before moustaches were a kitch trendy fad, I made a logo for my mixed netball team... Exhibit A - the logo.

Yes. It's a potato with a moustache. Cool huh? I know. Anyway. We had these printed on our netball shirts. Exhibit B - the winners.

You can tell it is 'back in the day' from the fashion disaster sunglasses I am wearing. So old school. But that's not the point. THE POINT IS PEOPLE, that I nearly started a trend. I nearly could have made a fortune on Motato merchandise!$!

All I had to do was turn the tache around the other way... perhaps take away the potato, umm... and the name... and ... well ok. It's not nearly as cool as the recent trendy tache at all. But you have to say I was onto something.

Nowdays you can find:

And so I never made my tache related fortune. But I am still a fan of the kitch trendy tache fad.

The End.

etsy find - box 64 studios

The colours that this lovely lady from Lexington uses are gorgeous! And i have never seen these type of oragami flowers. Clever!

Wait a minute... I think I have a green & blue addiction!