Monday, May 18, 2009

Wow. It's really raining...

Yep. It's just really raining. It's cold, and I cannot be bothered getting out of my robe and ugg-boots to drive into work amongst all the idiots that can't drive in the rain. I'm actually a little scared.  

Ange came over last night to help me sew. She's quit Uni and is all pumped to start a business making pretty things. I wish I could stay home and make pretty things with her. "sigh"

Tori moved into her new place on the weekend. It's way retro, and way  too green for my liking. But could probably take some pretty cool photos there. We celebrated her new digs with a few too many drinks, and a few too many jugs of beer that I decided to pour myself at Common People. Silly bar-tender. 

I haven't been creative all week. Well I haven't created anything new and amazing.  

I need a coffee.

images by myope


Rachel Follett said...

I know the feeling! Thanks for following!

Faridah said...

That mask, oooh la la.
Very stunning!