Wednesday, June 10, 2009

assymetrical again

I seem to recall the whole thing popping up about 8 or so years ago… who didn’t own tops of the one-sleeved persuasion? They were FABULOUS if a little tricky to manage – one side of your body was too hot or too cold at any given moment!

Annoyingly, we discarded our one-shouldered wears in the great wardrobe purge of 2004… along with flared jeans and all things corduroy. They seemed so silly, so impractical and so over.

Of course, 2009 hits and hello! - solo-shoulders and uno-sleeves are everywhere from casual tops to red carpet frocks and we want to jump back on the band wagon. This is why you should never throw anything out ever! A few years in the back of the cupboard bam! any trend becomes retro-chic and right on the money.

PS. Dear Blake, I see you’re a one-sleeved wonder at all the big A-listy events lately. Me likey.

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