Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blog Award!

Concrete & Honey gave me a blog award! (My first one!) So here are my chosen 10. and, 10 things about me.

Me. 10 useless facts.
1. I have been called “sceptical”
2. But I have never been called “na├»ve”
3. I like the ocean
4. But I hate the waves
5. I eat prawn tails
6. But I never eat celery
7. I am a bad driver
8. But I’m a great big-spooner
9. I love gingerbread men
10. And I can wiggle my ears.

Them. in no particular order.
SNVS. You go girl.
Chi Designs. Pretty purses made by a pretty girl.
What Indie Nights? Great name huh.
Ish & Chi. Makes me go oooooooohhh...
The Fern & Mossery. I work with Landscape Architects and am turning a bit green.
decor8. Simply gorgeous. One of my daily faves.
my folk lover. Amazing illustrations.
forty-sixth at grace. A major blog crush of mine.
Little paper bird. Because I love paper & birds. And
Pebbles For Your Shoe. Because I just love her writing.

image - spoon collection from
simply photos flickr


SNVS said...

Oh my boyfriend eats prawn tails too! He chomps on them right in front of me! You two would get along haha!

Thank you for putting me in your top 10, you're super sweet!

SNVS said...

OH and of course - congrats on the blog award!

Catherine said...

Thank you! :)

 Viv said...

Aww thank you!!

And congrats on being decor8's blog of the week!

Viv xx