Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Mo... incognito

Back in the day... before moustaches were a kitch trendy fad, I made a logo for my mixed netball team... Exhibit A - the logo.

Yes. It's a potato with a moustache. Cool huh? I know. Anyway. We had these printed on our netball shirts. Exhibit B - the winners.

You can tell it is 'back in the day' from the fashion disaster sunglasses I am wearing. So old school. But that's not the point. THE POINT IS PEOPLE, that I nearly started a trend. I nearly could have made a fortune on Motato merchandise!$!

All I had to do was turn the tache around the other way... perhaps take away the potato, umm... and the name... and ... well ok. It's not nearly as cool as the recent trendy tache at all. But you have to say I was onto something.

Nowdays you can find:

And so I never made my tache related fortune. But I am still a fan of the kitch trendy tache fad.

The End.

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