Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Something Neu

Scroll down for a little interview with Yarron from Neu Creative who will be at the upcoming Brisbane Finders Keepers Markets.

Your style is kinda futuristic, where do you get your inspiration from?
Music is a huge inspiration for me. Electronic music takes up about 95% of my Itunes library, and everything from the sleeve art to the lyrics keeps me imagining new designs to create.

I am also fascinated with the retro visions of the future which are vibrantly displayed in the old video games of the 80's. Geometry also plays a big part in my style and a unhealthy obsession with three sided shapes has become somewhat of an iconic element.

Who’s iPod would you like to borrow for a day?
At the moment it would have to be Brodinski. His recent 'Suck My Deck' mix from Bugged out is one of the best mixes I have heard all year, I would just love to hear what didn't make it on the album...

Living in Brisbane, where do you go to chill out?
I love breakfast at Lock 'n' Load in West End. Getting out in their backyard garden is always a great way to start the day, especially after a big night.

Limes rooftop bar is great for pre drinks and creative meet-ups, I think the open atmosphere and the altitude must help to get those creative juices flowing.

And to top it all off can't go past 'Black Candy' at the Empire, - cheap and cheerful, they're bringing the house party back to the valley.

Favorite local artist?
This would have to be local Illustrator and great mate - Sam Mckenzie. Sam has had a pencil in his hand ever since grade 2. He has had his work in comics, on playing cards, and plastered all over shop walls. He has also been commissioned to created a range of t-shirt designs due for release in the imminent future. Big plans for Sam in the future, keep a look out for an online store he is starting with his Illustrator friend Karl.

What will you be selling at the upcoming Finders Keepers Markets?
I will have a small range of tee's that will be on sale showcasing the 'neu' style and a range of prints / posters will also be available. I love the poster format as a way to display my work and has been a major influence in a lot of commissioned work.

Also keep an eye on my website as all items will be available online soon.

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