Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Aw Yeah!

I used to hate The Grates. I remember sitting in design college with Trampoline playing, and at the time it made my skin crawl. But this year, something changed me. Now I can't get enough of Patience's sock-it-to-ya scream. It hits something in me and makes me feel like yeah girl I know how you feel. Aw Yeah!

These great photos from the Brooklyn Vegan

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amy said...

i too was a grates hater. it's easy to hate a band when EVERYONE else loves them i think. but, like you, they eventually won me over. last weekend i was on a road trip and my boyfriend and i shamelessly put the grates on and screamed every lyric to every song. we also air drummed, which was funny til a car overtook us laughing... yay for the grates? :)