Saturday, October 10, 2009

Don't Tell Fannie

I've got a lot of designing to do today, so I thought I'd stop in at West End for some morning inspiration. After a browse in the bookstore and coffee with Ange, I thougth I'd try looking for some new threads. We found the new store "Don't Tell Fannie" which is the new sister store of "I Hate My Skirt". They showcase young local designers and I found the most beautiful one-off, long flowing yellow & grey skirt by Merle & Maud. Sold!

I couldn't find much about these designers, except that theSasha Griffin and Angela Richardson are the partners in crime behind the label, and that you can purchase some of their cute stuff online at Beginning Boutique. But seriously, go check out the new store in West End.

Ok. Ready for some designing of my own now.


Unknown said...

I really don't spend enough time in West End - looks like a shop to pop on my list to visit.

Tara Ziems said...

Hey Im a designer that also sells my gear in 'Don't Tell Fannie' Check it out instore or on my website