Sunday, October 25, 2009

If you understand, my dear...

I loved their Triple J Unearthed song "Flippers", and I can even remember thinking "what a great name for a band"! Now Art vs. Science have "Parlez-vous Francais"! A massivley catchy song, and when you translate the chorus (Si vous plait, my cherie, a la tombe la chemise!) it works out to "If you understand, my dear, take off your top!".
Pardon my French if I didn't spell that right, but I had to look up what my friend Tori and I were (accidently) singing in front of the french family down at my pool yesterday. Woops!

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Anonymous said...

Oh i love both those songs and can't believe that's what my sister and I have been singing loudly in the car and on the street. We didn't come across anyone topless so i shall assume noone understood