Thursday, October 29, 2009


It starts tomorrow, and to be honest, I am not entirely prepared. There has been some (ok maybe a lot) of drama in my life lately and I have had to really force myself to get geared up for this. Why am I sharing this so publicly when I can't even talk about it without tears? Hmm... well I just hope I do not disappoint anyone who comes along to the markets.

Feel free to say hi and let me know if you are a fan of my blog. I'll be there with a bunch of beautiful and very supportive friends, and we all love meeting new lovely people.

Ok. Enough of that. Let's get excited! Finders Keepers Woo!



ellie said...

I think I'm never ever prepared for markets the way I want to be. I mean - huh, here I am checking out blogs (ready to fall asleep at 3.30pm) when I still have work to finish for FK tomorrow.
Sleep well. That's the most important. And make sure you bring lots of water to drink.
Take care.
(selvedge house - red seed studio)

amy said...

what ever your problems are they will be washed away for nine hours of market goodness! there will be many shiny beautiful things around you, making it impossible to be sad :) i will come say hi, then probably nervously mumble something and run away :)

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better, your stall was the best one there....great products, good prices, job well done! You should be very proud. Have a bright and sunny weekend!
B :)

Unknown said...

Wow! Thank you so much!!!

oldyarns. said...

Thanks for popping by to say hello at FKM - it was nice to meet you. Hope you had a good market, it was all a bit overwhelming - in a rewarding way. Take care, K