Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mishy Lane Calendars

My 2010 diaries and calendars sold out so quickly at the markets on the weekend. It blew me away. I'm getting more printed and will throw them up on my etsy store asap! Stay tuned.

Photos by Mark Lobo


amy said...

i did see you! i did a few laps of that room at about 12.30 on saturday so as you can imagine, i only saw the top of your head as there were a zillion people storming around. then i came back about half an hour later for a second attempt to say hi but you were talking to someone and i didn't want to just stand there and wait like a git so i moved on. i went to a few bars to calm my extremely stressed post-market nerves then came back again to meet a friend but decided it was best not to introduce myself post-10-or-so-vodkas :/ i had a hello FAIL. sorry :( but i see you did really well with your stuff which is awesome, i'd love to see what your calendar looks like. i'm in the middle of making my 2010 calendars but like always have totally aimed for the impossible and am stuck. anyway, epic novel x

renee anne said...

and well done on such a gorgeous looking stall!!

glad it was a successful market for you ;)

Renee x