Wednesday, February 17, 2010

fffound on fffacebook

I totally stole these from facebook. Is that weird? Probably, but how adorable does this little boat trip look? Like something out of the 70's! Pics by Cody Arthars, and if I could tag the lovely Topher & Sharon (on the right) I would.


pixelhazard said...

Ok that is completely random but I agree with you....rather be doing that than going to work today

topher said...

I think you're adorable for stealing these pics from FB.

The pics were taken last month when eight of us spent four days on a houseboat on the Nambucca River.
It was a whole bunch of fun.

SNVS said...

Omg i love what you did to our pictures! I wish you could do that to all of them haha.

It does look kinda glamorous and 70's, we all wore such nautical stuff, kind of on purpose but not really. It turned out to be such a lovely little getaway!

Mishy Lane said...

No Sharon, I didn't do anything to them! They were like that already and that's why I love them :D

Goshdarn you guys are beautiful.

Daydream Lily said...

oh I thought you meant they are just some randoms photos...or are they? cause thats kind of funny / random. hahah

but i completely agree, it looks like an adorable little boat trip from the 70s

Mishy Lane said...

Well Liss.. I know (and love) Topher but not really Cody pho posted them. But I stole them anyway :)

Sharon has modelled for me before, and I think she could / should be a famous super model. She's just so chic.

Sharon please make me happy and go on Oz next Top Model or something! Thnxbye.


SNVS said...

Hahaha, well i actually did enter it a few years ago, back when i had a dark brown bob. I made it through to the stage where we had to strut in 3's in front of the judging panel, they'd ask us each a question then cut us from there... unfortunately i was cut from there.

When i shave my head perhaps i might give it another go, at least then i'll be something different!

I'm not as excited by modelling as i used to be though, i'm not jaded or bitter, but i do see the industry for what it is. I just hope all those NICE models out there remain that way, even in such a fickle industry.

When you're back in Brisbane, i'd love to shoot with you again!!!