Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mr Brainwash

I interviewed my British boyfriend Chris Bell about the screening of Banksy's film "Exit Through the Gift Shop" in London's newest, darkest and dirtiest purpose built cinema. 
Where is Banksy's new cinema - Lambeth Palace and what was it like?
The venue was so good. It's located in the Leake Street tunnel, London where the Cans Festival is held. As you walk down the tunnel you can see a sign hanging down with a red carpet painted on the wall, and then two huge bouncers outside. Inside it is set out like a cave with all the tunnels you have to walk down and in the reception area is a huge fake bonfire burning a pile of fine art. The actual theatre is underneath a railway arch and it's such an experience hearing the sound of the trains above you. It was a really dark place but really great atmosphere.
I thought it was a pretty exclusive event, did you see any celebrities there, other than yourself of course?
Nope, he didn't want a show just for famous people. He wanted normal people to come and get stains on his furniture. I hope he means grubby stains like beer and bits of food... Only 2,000 people will get to see the film at Lambeth Palace before being released in cinemas.

Do you actually get to see Banksy in the movie? 
You see him, but his face is blurred and his voice is changed. 
And who is Mr Brainwash? 
Mr Brainwash is a French guy who started filming street artists. He got everyone on film apart from Banksy who really didn't want to be in it. But later on he needed help when he got into LA, so he contacted Brainwash. They become really close and Banksy agreed to let him film him.

Brainwash made the movie but Banksy told him that was shit and he told him that he should forget about the movie and try his luck at street art... and he did. He was so shit but he still put on an exhibition of his work and made £1 million at just one show! So in the end Brainwash tried to film him but Banksy ends up filming Brainwash. Its a strange one... with lots of clues to get you thinking.
Is it for real?
I think Brainwash is a character that Banksy created for the film so he can prove to the art world that you dont have to be good at art to be an artist. He's making a statement that some people will spend a silly amount of money on crap art, and in his next stunt he will say "I'm Brainwash and you just spent £100,000 on something that I made in 5 minutes!"

Then I saw graffiti in the bathrooms that said "you have been brainwashed and he aint fucking french". So I could be right.

Belly's Rating: 5 stars for the venue and 4 stars for the movie. But if Banksy is Brainwash... then 5 stars for the film!

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gorgeous venue.

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Like or dislike, controversial to say the least.
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