Tuesday, April 20, 2010

1111 Lincoln Rd Miami

Herzog & De Meuron's parking garage in Miami named 1111 Lincoln Road. Just completed, it's not just a carpark but it also comprises of retail spaces, private residential "condos" on top, and can cater for  fashion and art events.

Although this innovative, ambitious design for flexible and adaptable reuse is a great example of how carparks can extend their function to incorporate other uses... I can't help thinking that this is a totally against a sustainable design vision. Why do some people drive to work each day, while the rest of us catch public transport? Why is it that  people who can afford to make a real difference to the environment usually prefer to make a real difference to private luxury and their own image. If more people rode bicycles or caught public transport would there even be a need for a huge expensive car park?

I tend to agree with the comment by Deezeen reader Danillo: April 19th, 2010 "A car park is not a reason to celebrate. This concrete mass is a source polluter and is a failed attempt at beautifying the ugliness of the automobile. I’m a big fan of Herzog and de Meuron but they failed to impress me on this one. Is this the future? Cities dedicated to the automobile, with neglect to the human element? Corb feared this day would come. Let’s get back in touch with the human, the served element of architecture".

Source - Dezeen

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