Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 2 - No Coffee

I don't usually write about myself on my blog. It usually comes back to bite me if I get all deep and meaningful. But this is hard... I have to quit coffee. *sadface*

After weeks of severe chest pain attacks, I ended up in hospital to find out I have a stomach ulcer. So Docters orders - no coffee. Yesterday I was so grumpy. So angry. Apart from the bad news about Melbourne Storm, I snapped at people and was a bit of a head-case all day really. I hope I get better as the days go by. Wish me luck. x

Wonderful art by My Folk Lover


ellie said...

Good luck. I'd say take good use of the grump factor - blame it all on the withdrawals and let it rip! HA!

I love the picture, good coffee choice.

michelleK said...

Oh you poor thing. I love my coffee and would die if I couldn't have any. Its one oif my very few vices in life.

Hope things perk up for you soon. I agree with Ellie, put your grumpiness to good use and blame the withdrawls hehehe.

Ms Unreliable said...

Oh heavens, I'm cranky just from trying to cut down my coffee intake! Good luck!

xx Kit