Thursday, September 2, 2010

i heart guts

So I have just started watching Grey's Anatomy. I know I'm slow. I have honestly never seen it before, then my new room mate moves in with season 1-5 on disc and I am hooked!

So is it a coincidence that I end up in the ER being told I have gallstones in my gallbladder? Well at least I got some morphine for my pain and was entertained listening out for a "code blue".

So what does the cute little gallbladder do? He collects and concentrates bile, a substance made by the liver and used to digest fat. And how did I know that? Well because I found it on I Heart Guts of course! I Heart Guts is the brainchild of an anatomically obsessed illustrator. The guts grew from a single drawing of a broken heart, after a string of bad hookups, dead-end relationships and lame-o boyfriends. Which is just like Grey's Anatomy. And is just like me going to hospital next week to get this little guy taken out of my guts.

Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

oh no! I hope that everything goes smoothly (and that you have a cute doctor hehe). I love greys, watched the 2nd season in one marathon of a weekend (hadn't watched the first) with a box of tissues and I was hooked!

The I heart guts stuff is so cute! can't wait to use it to study while in med school :)