Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm back

So I needed a break from blogging everyday. And now I feel like jumping back in again. I wonder if I will remember how to do it!?

So here's my first post; some recent live music photos I have taken.

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amy said...

awesome pics mishy, good to see you back! melbourne working out a treat for you? i am STILL jealous :)

Galit said...

Welcome back!!!
Great photos!! I'm loving especially the 3rd one with the 2 long hair girls (viewed on your portfolio, somehow I can't see the photos here). Who are they?

P.S. It is good to have a blog-break once in a while, but not THATTTTT long!! Missed you and your blog!

Unknown said...

Thanks guys! Good to be back. Haha.

Galit the girls are called Stonefield and they rock! Check out my flickr...


Fish Belt O'Reilly said...

sweet pictures!

glad you are blogging again, at least until you start your badass magazine.