Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Carla Fletcher for Curvy

I recently interviewed Carla Fletcher for Curvy Mag's blog.
Fight or Flight
'Fight or Flight' pencil, spray paint, + acrylic on circle board
This month, Melbourne artist Carla Fletcher will present her highly anticipated solo show at Friends of Leon Gallery in Sydney. An Archibald Finalist in 2010, Carla Fletcher has been making huge waves in the emerging arts scene since her acclaimed portrait of CW Stoneking received national recognition.
Her latest exhibition Premonition (Fight or flight) follows and delves into the inner world of dreams and premonitions. She has begun a visual dialogue with the unknown.  "This collection of works are symbolic for the experiences that are in the forces of nature - Fight or flight, growth, love, desire, freedom and death”.

Rise Above
'Rise Above' Liquid pencil, spray paint, + pencil and posca on circle board
We had a chat with Carla in the lead up to her exhibition.
Tell us a little bit about your artistic background and how you got into art?
My artistic background comes from being surrounded by creative, abstract thinkers - not necessarily just artists.  I have had a strong desire to produce work and been encouraged to do so which is important as you are forming.
In a practical sense I studied along the way (fine art, fashion design and illustration) but generally I am self taught, I think the mind plays with the things it loves.
Where is your studio located & what type of space do you work best in?
I have a warehouse space in Northcote (a dream actually). The light is amazing. I was really struggling with having walls and now I have none, my large paintings divide the space and I get to move them constantly. I love moving everything around.
What do you love most about Melbourne? Any favorite places?
I love that Melbourne is a treasure chest of culture. My favorite place at the moment is walking with my dog to Darebin Park - it's an amazing to have such a rugged nature reserve smack bang in the city.
Have you ever collaborated with other artists or are there any you would like to?
I have collaborated with other artists, musicians, photographers and fashion designers and think that it is important to put heads together, much better than one at times - I am always open to collaborating.
Tell us a little about your up-coming exhibition at Friends of Leon Gallery.
Premonition Fight or Flight is a new body of work that touches on a more personal experience of dreaming and my dialogue with the unknown.  This work has really pushed my technique into a new realm.  Merging painting and drawing together in layers.
What's next for Carla Fletcher?
I'll be starting on a bunch of exciting works leading into next year soon including portraits and larger works, some OS travel is planned and perhaps another solo show towards the end of 2012.
Premonition (Fight or flight)
Where: Friends of Leon Gallery 82 Marlborough Street, Surry Hills
When: Opens Thursday the 17th November from 6-8pm
Cost: Free

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