Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I waited all day
You waited all day
But you left before sunset
And I just wanted to tell you
The moment was beautiful
Just wanted to dance to bad music
Drive bad cars
Watch bad T.V.
Should have stayed for the sunset
If not for me



kasia said...

I have this quote saved in my notebook from years ago. I love it so much. I love the black and white photos of Ed. Very nice. :)

Did you go to the concert?

Mishy Lane said...

It is a poem written inside of the Vitaolgy album and over all the years I have never forgotten it.

Yep I sure did go! I was 5 people away from the front of the concert (30,000 people behind me). I didn't take my camera though cos I knew I would be way too estatic to look after my camera!!

Kasia said...

Oh wow! it sounds like you were close to where I was too! I was on the left side of the crowd. Such a great show.

I only took my point and shoot with me which surprisingly didn't do too bad! (

Good luck with your move to Melbourne!